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Dragon Diaries is a continuing saga of epic fantasy novels. Set in the mythical world of Ithnez, the novels focus mostly on young women who have the power to summon the legendary Dragons of Light. Each story follows the Dragon Keepers on their adventures as they struggle to overcome the Shadow Keepers and their evil dragons.
Books by Arc and Title:
Arc One: Rise
Arc Two: Dawn
Arc Three: Return
1. Xyleena
2. Vortex
3. Kkaia
4. Akota
5. Helios
6. Dimitri
7. The Twins
8. Symbilla
9. Nexxa
10. Abbadon
11. Zenith
12. Ascension

1. Memories
2. Assemble
3. Commencement
4. Binary
5. Arcadia
6. Endure
7. Within
8. Myst
9. Death
10. The Eyes
11. Annihalation

1. Generations
2. First Steps
3. Riddle
4. Damnation
5. Gain
6. Bloodlines
7. Developments
8. Jeweled
9. Thieves and Stones
10. Loss
11. Hope
12. Salvation
Interweaving Sagas
Mars Chonicles
Tomes of Rishai