The AEON Files are written as a first-person narrative from the perspective of the main character, teenage shadow demon and AEON Agent Cybil “Jinx” Star, as she recounts investigations into paranormal and supernatural disturbances in modern-day Mabon City.
Books by Season and Title:
Season One:
1. The Glass Shadow
2. The Lycan Pharaoh
3. The Lullaby Shriek
4. The Bone Prophet

5. The Sovereign Flame
6. The Grimm Kin
7. The Bloodmyth Divinity
8. The Unseelie Grotto

9. The Highborn Haunt
10. The Gorgon Shade
11. The Phantom Bazaar
12. The Banished Shadow
Season Two:
17. The Deep Alone
18. The Seraphim Gate
19. The Floating Orchard
20. The Jade Necropolis

21. The Frosted Edge
22. The Bloodsworn Knight
23. The Scourgewind Fiend
24. The Elysium Heir
13. The Forgotten First
14. The Diamond Fel
15. The Dream Crypt
16. The Carrion Echo

The Tainted Soul
Otherworld Primer